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Our Products

Phenolic, Urea & Melamine Resins

Our wide range of phenolic, urea and melamine resins add strength, durability and fire resistance to countless materials in the Building, Construction and Transportation sector, several Industrial applications, Chemical intermediates and Specialties.

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Aromatic Polyols

Resonance™ aromatic polyols are building blocks that improve fire resistance, insulation performance and production efficiency of PUR and PIR foams.

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Molding Compounds

Our engineering thermosets are used across a number of industries including building materials, automotive, industrial, electronics and more.

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Formaldehyde & Derivatives

We offer a robust portfolio of formaldehyde and derivative products as well as the ability to tailor grades to your specialized needs.

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Change the world for the better in ways we haven’t even dreamed of.

What we drive

We drive Construction

Bakelite is an integral supplier for including:

  • Laminates
  • Composite Wood Panels
  • Wood Construction
  • Insulation Binders
  • Phenolic Foam

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A new generation of Transport

We are an established supplier to a wide variety of transportation applications, including:

  • Friction – disc/drum brakes and clutch facings
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Oil and air filtration
  • Rubber compounding
  • Fire Resistant composites for mass transit and Molding Compounds

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Driving Industrial Applications

Our products allow the fabrication of high performance industrial products, including:

  • Abrasives – bonded and coated abrasives with longer shelf life
  • Refractory and products with high carbon yield impregnation resins for superior filtration
  • Briquetting – enable the reuse of high value raw materials

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Chemical Intermediates

Specialty grades are tailor made to fit exacting customer needs for:

  • Non-BPA food contact coatings
  • Anti-corrosion coatings
  • Demulsifiers
  • Ashphaltene dispersants and proppants for enhanced oil recovery
  • Improved performance rubber-to-metal (need to add a hyphen after the “to”) adhesives
  • Epoxy Intermediates
  • Specialty resins for semi-conductors, including photoresists and the production of printed circuit boards and printing plates

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The original and still leading the way


Use resources responsibly. Produce products more sustainably.

To protect against climate change we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and we strive to efficiently using natural resources, optimizing existing processes and enhancing products and technologies through continuous innovation.

Our commercial, technical and product stewardship teams are passionate about supporting our business and partner with our customers to meet very individualized sustainability targets. By leveraging our technical expertise, applying innovative thinking and using alternative raw materials where possible, our products are widely used to turn renewable raw materials, such as wood, into highly engineered products by our downstream partners.  This helps facilitate the transition towards a carbon neutral economy by providing technical solutions for energy conservation in Building and Construction and in the Transportation sector. 

1. We look for opportunities to incorporate renewable raw materials

2. We strive to reduce the use of raw materials that may restrict the recycling of our customers' products.

3. We strive to work with local suppliers wherever possible

4. 40% of our sites are certified to ISO 50001 standards; we continue to push for the same at other sites

5. Many of our downstream partners are certifying to cutting edge certification programs

Together we will make a difference

Since Leo Baekeland’s invention in 1907, products made with Bakelite resins have been highly valued for their durability and long life cycle expectations.  Bakelite is working to develop resins that can further improve life cycle expectations through products that enable downstream articles to be recycled.  We strive to continue to close the gap between the environment and economics.

By incorporating principles of Energy Management Systems and working closely with downstream partners that are obtaining environmental certifications, we are working to continually make a positive impact on the environment.

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Bakelite® PF 2020 focuses on environmental protection

Through the targeted use of renewable natural raw materials – such as wood flour which is a significant and integral part of the formulation – and the use of secondary raw materials, we have succeeded in closing the gap between ecology and economics.

Another important building block of sustainable resource management is recyclability. Bakelite® PF2020 technology is free of halogen and heavy metals which do not restrict the recyclability of articles made with these products.

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Latest news from Bakelite

As part of our continuing growth strategy, we are excited to announce that Bakelite Synthetics has agreed to purchase Georgia Pacific's Phenolics Chemicals business in the Americas. Once the sale is complete, the business will become part of Bakelite Synthetics.

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The UTech tradeshow was held in Maastricht (Netherlands) on 16-18 November where the Bakelite Team highlighted PUR, PIR and CASE as well as Resonance aromatic polyols.

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Discover our ultra low formaldehyde technology of Cellobond™ phenolic resins - not only the the material of choice for aerospace interior applications, but also increasingly mass transit, construction (e.g. tunnels) or marine due to low FST (fire,…

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Are you a profile manufacturer or user? Would you like to find out more about pultrusion? You are looking for the latest developments and exchange with experts?

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Bakelite Synthetics has been supporting the Balthasar children's hospice in Olpe (Germany) for many years. Balthasar children's hospice is a place to live, laugh, and assist grieving families.

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From the first synthesized plastic to a global company

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… it’s what continues to drive us today. From making buildings more fire resistant. To realizing the future of transportation from electrics cars to space travel. To improving the productivity of our life-sustaining crops. And ways we haven’t even dreamed of quite yet. Together with manufacturers around the world, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

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